Fleet Safety through Video Analytics - Brief Writeup

This is a state-of-the-art solution developed completely from ground up to provide a “Black Box” for heavy Trucks to ensure driver safety and fleet safety.

Trucks are fitted with multiple cameras; IP Cameras facing Front, rear, driver etc. are installed in the trucks. The “Black Box” records multiple streams from these cameras and book marks the videos with events and driver violations.

Events such as Harsh breaking, sudden acceleration, sudden turns etc are read from on-board sensors. Driver violations such as driving without seat belt, un-authorized driver (through face recognition), mobile phone usage, fatigue etc are captured on-the-go by using Artificial Intelligence through Deep neural networks (DNN) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques on the Edge device (“Black Box”).

The alert / violation snapshots are sent to a comprehensive IoT Dashboard in real time and Video footages are also uploaded on-the-go using our advanced 4G/LTE Communication Gateway. The footages can be analysed and sorted in multiple ways using various built-in filters to help educate and improve driver behaviour and reduce journey risk.

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