Scosta Cards

Product Description

The National Informatics Center worked along with other agencies which included academia and industry players, to evolve a complete implementable Smart Card Operating Systems Standards, which is named SCOSTA (Smart Card Operating System for Transport Application). Since the standards were developed on the request of Ministry of Transport and Highways, that is how the name of standard included the name "Transport Application" in it. But otherwise the standards are absolutely generic and are deployment-ready for all kind of Identity applications like Citizen ID Card, PDS card, Election Card, Loyalty ATM Cards, BPL Card, PAN Card etc.

Since, SCOSTA is primarily based on ISO-7816 standards, and therefore also comply with any international requirements. By today's date, more than twenty major national and international industry players have adopted these standards into their Smart Card products and selling to national and international market. SCOSTA has also been recommended by the Technical Committee for MNIC Card, under Ministry of home Affairs to be used as standard operating system for MNIC Card, in pilot project.

Scosta Cards are available with us in 32K and 64K memory size. Available as plain white cards or printed in customer design with variable data option.

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