Nisca Card Printer

NiSCA constantly strives for the clear goal of meeting the market demands in its ventures into new technologies. No matter how satisfying a project may be to our engineers, it is the market that ultimately passes judgment on its value. It is precisely for this reason that we are ready to boldly challenge the perceived limits of current engineering when it may yield what our customers need. This stance of ours will not change. NiSCA is also working to further raise the level of professionalism of each of its engineers, with the goal of "one achievement per person."


  • High-speed printing - over 158 cards per hour
  • RFID ready / write ready
  • HID Prox & iCLASS" modules available
  • MIFARE modules available
  • Legic modules available
  • Contact IC modules available
  • Full color, edge-to-edge printing
  • 300dpi dye-sublimation printing technology
  • Industry-leading 24-bit continuous tone printing
  • Dual sided printing
  • Dual sided security lamination
  • Quick change ribbon cassette
  • USB 2.0 & SCSI
  • Fully Windows compatible driver


Nisca NGYMCKO3-3BP full-color YMCKO ribbon

  • Compatible with : Nisca PR5350 and PR53LE card printers
  • Prints : 250 single-sided cards (125 if printing duplex)


  • Brilliant 24-bit color,300 DPI edge to edge image
  • Media thickness 30 mil
  • Extremely small foot print and light weight (14lbs)
  • Removable 100 cards feeder
  • First ever rotating LCD panel to fit any office environment
  • All-in-one ribbon cartridge with cleaning assist roller
  • Includes entry-level software
  • 2-Year hands-free warranty*
  • 20,000 cards mean time between failure (MTBF)*
  • USB 2.0 output
  • Windows compatibility
  • Other models available with magnetic and contactless smart card encoder


  • Optical Variable Inks (OVI):
  • Invisible UV fluorescent inks (short wave &long wave)
  • Dual UV fluorescent inks (one color short wave &different color long wave)
  • Color shifting inks (inks change colors as document is tilted)
  • Energy converting inks
  • Optical Variable Devices (OVD):
  • Text effects : Micro, nano, fine line printing
  • Embedded hologram - invisible to the eye
  • Hidden images - required specific wavelength to display
  • Scrambled Indicia - requires custom lens over image to display
  • Image morphing animation - images flipping, disappearing & reappearing

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